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Natural Gas Leaks

How to detect a natural
gas leak:


If you see air bubbles in standing water or have plants dying in one centralized spot outside your home, natural gas may be leaking beneath the soil.


We add a harmless scent to give natural gas a distinct smell, making leaks easier to detect. It’s often compared to the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs.


If you hear a hissing, blowing or whistling noise, then a gas line may be leaking natural gas into the surrounding area.

How to respond to a
suspected natural gas leak:

Leave the area immediately

Evacuate all people and pets from the home or business where you suspect a leak. Leave any doors open on your way out of the building.

Call 911

For Cullman, call (256) 734-0565. For Warrior, call (205) 647-2333. Be sure to leave a number where we can reach you.

Wait for Assistance

Stay away from the suspected leak until one of our trained professionals arrives and gives you the all-clear to return.

Call Before You Dig

If you plan to do any digging or excavation around your property, it’s important to have all utilities marked before getting started. Various utilities run underneath your home, including electrical, internet, water and natural gas. The locations and depths of these lines vary. The only way to know exactly where they are is to have them marked by a qualified professional.

Alabama law requires you to call 811 two business days before digging any depth. Alabama One Call will notify us and other member utilities to locate and mark underground pipes, wires and cables. This process keeps you safe and also prevents damages or interruptions of services.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas found in the fumes produced by various combustion processes, like vehicles and gas-powered appliances, when proper ventilation is compromised. In enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces, CO can accumulate, posing a serious threat to humans and animals.

CO poisoning can manifest in symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain and confusion. It can even lead to loss of consciousness and life in severe cases.

If you suspect the presence of carbon monoxide or ventilation issues, evacuate yourself and others immediately before calling 911. After alerting emergency services, please contact our office so a trained professional can respond. For Cullman, call (256) 734-0565. For Warrior, call (205) 647-2333.

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