Customer Rebates

Residential Marketing Program

  • Water Heater – up to $750 for tankless and up to cost of 50 Gallon tank for storage tanks (new construction or conversion from electric or propane) – For existing gas water heater customers (Natural to Natural) – rebate up to current cost of 50 Gallon Standard
  • Furnace (excludes dual fuel) - $500
  • Dryer - $100
  • Range/Cooktop - $100
  • Logs - $50
  • Lanterns - $50

Maximum rebate of $1,200 per home per calendar year

Of the appliances available for rebate above, only water heaters are available for purchase from CJGas.

Receipts may be required. All appliances have to be new (not previously used) appliances to be eligible for the rebate.

An inspection by CJGas (at no cost to customer) is required on all appliances installed before the rebate can be processed. This inspection must be done as close to the install date as possible to be eligible for the rebate. All appliances must be installed correctly and pass inspection to be eligible for the rebates.

If the water heater is purchased from CJGas, the rebate will be applied immediately and the customer has 90 days to have the inspection performed or the rebate will be forfeited and billed back to the customer.

Small Commercial Water Heater Program

Commercial Customers can receive a free 40 or 50 Gallon standard water heater from CJGas. If the customer would like to purchase a different water heater from CJGas, the customer can receive a discount of the current cost of a 50 Gallon standard water heater towards any CJGas water heater. Customer can receive one discount or free 40 or 50 Gallon water heater per calendar year. No other appliance rebates are available at this time.

Cullman Jefferson Counties Gas District reserves the right to change or discontinue the program without notice.

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