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Natural gas provides a reliable and cost-effective energy source for families throughout the country due to its abundance and the efficiency associated with direct use in the home.

Seniors and low-income families would be impacted the most by the move to a higher-cost, all electric system.

To maintain affordability for citizens here at home and support our allies abroad, local, state, and federal officials must prioritize policies that support the U.S. natural gas supply chain, as well as invest in renewable natural gas (RNG) and hydrogen.

Households that use all-electric appliances pay almost $900 a year more than those that have the traditional mix of natural gas and electric homes.

Policy-driven electrification would increase the average residential household energy-related cost by between $750 and $910 per year, or about 38 to 46 percent.

America's publicly owned gas utilities are stewards of their communities and the environment. As such, they are dedicated to keeping costs low for the citizens they serve through sustainable, responsible use of the resources allocated to them by local governments.